Animation Supervisor for the 3D feature film Tarzan at Constantin Film

3D feature film Tarzan produced in germany by Constantin Film

Robert Kuczera, the animation supervisor, worked on the 3D animation feature film Tarzan 3D for Constantin Film. Working directly with the director of the movie – Reinhard Klooss – at the Bavaria Filmgeande was beneficial. We worked alongside international actors like Kellan Lutz and Spencer Locke, the Mocap actors. The Mocap actors were used as the basis for the animation. They were very useful for shots with multiple characters. At times, Robert Kuczera coordinated over 10 animators as animation supervisor. He also interpreted the ideas of the director to the animators in order to better fulfill the wishes of the director.

Client: Constantin Film
Production: Constantin Film
Postproduction: Ambient Entertainment
Task:  Animation Supervisor
Format: 94 Min |  Feature Film
Year: 2013