Flashmob, 3D Pointies for the Payback World

We brought the Pontie in 3D to life. He was created in 3D for this commercial.

For Das Werk Munich, we created the commercial Payback „Flashmob“. The blue Payback character is well-known in the whole of Europe and was assembled after a 2D reference. Aside from the primary character, many side characters equipped with different accessories where created. As it was significant to acquire a 100% round shape of the characters body/head, the facial set up of the character was challenging. You would have seen it straight away, if it was not properly done.

It was also important to convert the existing 2D look into the 3D world. To truly have a better communication with the customer, a professional dancer was hired which supplied an excellent choreography right from the start and it was used as an ideal reference for the animation. We used Maya from Autodesk and Mental Ray as the renderer. The 3D pointie we created is now used for all the subsequent pointie commercials.

Client: Das Werk München
Brand: Payback
Task: 3D Character Animation
Format:  30 sec | Commercial